Grafik mit Welt, Papier und Stift als Symbol für Kommunikation und Übersetzung

Translation and Transcreation for
Communications, Marketing and Advertising

A world map

Does the following sound familiar? You have finally finished writing your website, your press release, your brochure. It took time and effort to come up with the perfect strategy, do the required research, write the copy and then get all the stakeholders to approve the final version. It was a challenging and laborious process. And now? Now it needs to be translated as quickly as possible – of course at a decent cost and with the utmost quality.

cds claudia dalberg sprachendienst specializes in exactly that. I clarify your specific needs up front and translate your copy with two goals in mind: to reach your audience and give you peace of mind. And so do the translators I work with. It means we do more than just “translate”. The creation of inspiring, successful marketing copy is very complex. Its translation into a foreign language and different culture all the more so. That’s why the translation of websites, brochures, press releases, advertisements and other marketing material is also called transcreation or adaptation.

You probably already know that translation is more than putting words into another language. Translation means conveying messages, not words. That is even more true for creative texts that work on an emotional level. Your advertising and marketing material needs to reach your audience, needs to sell your products and services. It needs to arouse and keep the interest of your potential customers and audiences. This entails the adaptation of your text to the cultural requirements of your target audience. Metaphors, humor, proverbs, the manner in which you address your audience, the style of the text – all this might need to be changed, adapted, reduced or added, often meaning that a normal, basic translation which is close to the source text is no longer sufficient. Such a translation might be grammatically correct, but will it convince your audience? Does it get your message across and achieve its purpose? To make sure it does, we don’t just “translate”, but work closely together with you, ask questions and get thoroughly briefed before we start translating. Together we identify your actual needs, determine what you want to achieve with your communications material, and how all this fits in with your budget. It is our mission to make your texts work in the foreign language and help you achieve your goals.

Four fists of team members meeting in the middle, representing collaboration in a translation business

cdsprachendienst offers you a professional, sustainable partnership for your transcreation needs. My colleagues and I are trained foreign language experts with a long history in successfully transcreating and adapting communications, marketing and advertising copy. I firmly believe that a trustworthy, long-term cooperation is the best basis for the sustainable success of your communications. The better we know each other, the better my colleagues and I can anticipate your needs and meet your requirements. I want to make you feel comfortable, so you can lean back, relax and concentrate on your actual tasks while my partners and I make sure that you receive outstanding and convincing copy of the highest quality.

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