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An employment contract needs to be translated? The new subsidiary in Dublin needs the company guidelines in English? The American parent company has updated its bonus plans and you require a German translation for the works council? If your contracts, legal instruments, judgments, HR documents, corporate guidelines or any other legal material requires certified or non-certified translation, you need a professional translator who specializes in legal translations. Someone who is not only familiar with the law of the country you are located in, but also with the respective foreign law.

The legal systems of the world differ greatly from each other and the constructs of one jurisdiction might not even exist in the country you’re doing business with. Take, for example, the barristers and solicitors in UK law or the different responsibilities of lawyers and advocates in South Africa. Ever come across the word “Erfüllungsgehilfe” in a German contract, whose legal status and duties are defined in the German Civil Code, but who has no legal equivalent in Anglo-American law? How do you translate something in a legal document that does not have any equivalent in the target language? Civil rights and obligations, commercial and legal matters, criminal proceedings and standards are not always 100% comparable. Therefore, the translation of legal documents always calls for fundamental knowledge of the various legal constructs involved. The experience accumulated during many years of translating complex legal texts also helps to create legally sound documents in a foreign language.

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As a professional legal translator, I offer you exactly that. My personal experience and expertise in successfully translating legal documents for international law firms and multinational companies, and my certification by the Regional Court of Heidelberg are your guarantors for reliable, correct legal translations. A lot is at stake when translating legal documents. Only professional translators specialized in legal translation are up to the task. When you draft your contract, you hire a professional lawyer. When you translate your contract, why hire anything less than a professional translator? Wrong or bad translations can bring down your business, lead to long and strenuous litigation in and out of court, destroy your reputation and cause you to lose a lot of money. Don’t take any risks by saving at the wrong end. cds claudia dalberg sprachendienst cooperates with professional legal translators, and together we translate legal texts reliably, correctly, with high expertise, and at a fair price.