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This is what cds can do for you

As the owner of cds claudia dalberg sprachendienst, I translate, adapt and transcreate English and Italian copy into German and vice versa for marketing, communications, PR and law – professionally, reliably, and with a special touch.

cds claudia dalberg sprachendienst is a small but select translation house with personalized services. I only work with professional, experienced and specialized translators. Together we offer you premium legal translations and marketing transcreations that always get your message across and fulfill their intended purpose.

My mission is to facilitate your daily work with specialist translations, transcreations and adaptations you can rely on to free your mind and give you more time for your actual day-to-day business.

The vast offerings and price ranges on the translation market can be confusing and determining what you actually need is often very difficult. I will help you identify the right translation service for you, keep a rein on the costs, and lighten your workload.

If you require other Western European languages, such as French, Spanish, Dutch, etc., I will also be happy to help you get connected with a suitable translator.

What makes cds different?

  • I am personally at your disposal. Before I start translating, I will identify your translation needs in a free consultation session (by telephone or online) to make sure you get the results needed to successfully communicate your message in an international setting. I personally prepare the project and, if the language combination and specialty fit my profile, also complete the translation for you. This way, you always know who you are dealing with and you can rest assured that I feel personally responsible for the work I deliver.
  • For translations from German into languages or areas outside my field of expertise, I rely on experienced, professionally trained specialists. In these cases I act as the liaison between you and the translator. If necessary, you can also contact the translator directly, e.g. to clarify questions without interference by a third party. All translators have been carefully selected by me personally. We work together as equal partners, help each other and have agreed on a fair remuneration model. We are committed to quality and believe that customer satisfaction has the highest priority.
  • When it comes to translation and international communications, I will lighten your load leaving you time for the essentials. I make sure that your messages and texts reach their audience and that you achieve your communication goals on the international stage. My aim is to make your daily work easier by delivering texts that require no editing. I prepare every translation job with the utmost care and accept work only in my special fields. If I encounter any problems during the translation process, I will contact you and clarify any ambiguities to make sure you get a text that makes sense and fulfills its intended purpose. Before I start working on your text, I will ask you for background information, context, corporate language and aim and purpose of the translation. I don’t guess or invent things for the sake of speed, but research carefully and rather check twice to meet your quality standards – while still adhering to your deadlines. The same applies to all other translators who work with me as well.
  • Translating is a profession that, in addition to having a perfect command of the languages involved, requires careful training, a lot of experience, technical expertise and cultural sensitivity. It also needs a clear and open exchange with the client about the goals, purposes and requirements of the translation. I strongly believe that purposeful and successful communication is easy when all parties involved share the same vision and work closely together, in the spirit of true partnership.
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You are experts in your field. We are experts in translation.

We make sure that your international communication works. We do everything in our power to ensure that you are satisfied and have confidence in our translation work. We want to make working with us a pleasure and save you time and effort.

If you are looking for a reliable partner whom you can trust with your translation and communication needs, please give us a call, send us an e-mail or use our contact form. We look forward to answering any questions you might have.

At cdsprachendienst you are not just an account number, but our best customer.