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The prices for translation, transcreation, and adaptation services depend on many different factors such as:

  • Client requirements
  • Field of expertise
  • Level of difficulty (research effort)
  • Purpose and objective of translation (basic information, publication, legal objective, etc.)
  • Linguistic quality and readability of the source text
  • Delivery times (rush order, overnight, weekend, etc.)
  • Creative effort (e.g. adaptation of non-translatable slogans, headlines, word plays, etc.)
  • Formatting (e.g. for certified translations with complex tables, different fonts and fontsizes, etc.)
  • Consideration of and compliance with corporate language, specific predefined terminology, etc.
  • File format of the source text (editable Office files or jpgs, pdfs, hard copies or other file formats such as InDesign, Photoshop, etc.)
  • Type of delivery (online files or hard copy per mail)

To accommodate all requirements, cds claudia dalberg sprachendienst offers you two service tracks. Which service track is most suitable for you will be agreed beforehand in a free consultation.

Standard Service Track

Our Standard Track service is mainly applicable to technical translations that do not require major transcreation or cultural adaptation, i.e. no copywriting or recreating slogans, word plays, metaphors, or consideration of extraordinary cultural aspects or predefined terminology.

The pricing of Standard Track translations is based on the number of standard lines in the source text. A standard line consists of 55 characters including spaces. Other pricing methods, such as per word, per hour or per day can be arranged upon request.

Our prices per line are generally based on the recommendations of §11 JVEG, the German law on the remuneration of expert witnesses, translators and interpreters, etc. These recommendations, which have been determined for certified translations and interpretation services, also provide an appropriate reference for other types of translation services. They serve as a guideline for customers and translators alike. This means that a standard line usually costs between EUR 1.80 and EUR 2.10.

Standard Track comprises the following minimum services:

  • Standard, informative and functional translation of, for instance, legal texts such as contracts, corporate guidelines and codes of conduct, HR-related texts, judgments, etc., as well as certified translations of legal instruments, reports, transcripts and documents for official purposes, etc., that do not contain any non-translatable slogans, metaphors, word plays or require an extraordinary adaption of and to cultural and linguistic specifics.
  • “Easy Check”: proofreading for completeness, accuracy, grammar, orthography by a second professional translator.
  • cds special source text service: notes and comments on errors and stylistic blunders in the source text (without claiming completeness – unless expressly requested).
Full Service Track

Our Full Service track is normally used for the transcreation and adaptation of marketing and communications materials – or for technical translations requiring considerable research (e.g. in the event of rare or difficult technical terminology).

Creative adaptation and transcreation services go beyond a normal Standard Track technical translation because they usually require more research, specific creative writing skills, a thorough knowledge of the target culture, and thus more time – how much time, though, is often unpredictable. Texts with slogans, creative headlines, word plays, metaphors, specific corporate language or rare specialist terminology generally have two pricing components – the number of standard lines (EUR 1.80 – EUR 2.10) and the estimated maximum time required for the additional transcreative services. At about EUR 85.00, my standard hourly rate is also aligned to the recommendations of the JVEG.

Fixed minimum price and maximum estimated hourly rate together create a fair and transparent offer that gives both partners a reliable base for cost estimation.

The Full Service track includes the following services:

  • Transcreation and adaptation as well as special creative writing for communications and marketing texts or research-intensive specialist translations
  • Copywriting and creation of non-translatable slogans, word plays, headlines, metaphors, etc.
  • Consideration of and compliance with corporate language and predefined terminology
  • Premium Check: Easy Check plus additional editing for style, readability, etc. by a second professional translator (dual control)
  • cds special source text service: Notes and comments on errors and stylistic blunders in the source text (without claiming completeness – unless expressly requested)
  • Optional: multiple translation suggestions, SEO services

As you can see, each text is different and so are the requirements that come with it. cds claudia dalberg sprachendienst offers you personalized services specifically tailored to your needs. Therefore, the price for a translation also varies according to your individual requirements. I understand, though, that you need to know beforehand how much you will spend on a translation or transcreation project. This information is intended to give you a broad idea of what you can expect from us. cds claudia dalberg sprachendienst is not a translation wholesaler. Instead, it is my goal to help you find the right words for your markets – as a reliable and professional partner who gives you peace of mind when it comes to your translation needs. cds prices are fair and transparent, and offer you excellent value for your money. Let me help you speak the language of your market and create copy that works – across languages and cultures.