Multilingual online communication and marketing in times of Covid – getting on top of the crisis with top translations

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Handshake-Online Komm in Krisenzeiten

In times of crisis many of us need to tighten our belts because we don’t know what else might be coming our way. Marketing is also cut back, the budget may have to be used elsewhere. Small and medium-sized companies, in particular those that have entered the international market only recently and have invested heavily, become very careful, and hold back on their international marketing spending.

But clear, unambiguous communication to convince customers and partners that you will stick together even in these hard times, that supply chains are secured, that payment difficulties can and will be solved together and that operations will continue safely under a strict, but easy to follow hygiene and safety regime, is critical, now more than ever. Therefore, your foreign language communication should not be neglected.

You have put a lot of heart into your marketing campaigns, much time and effort and many correction loops. And now you want to make sure that your message will also be conceived and understood in another culture with another language? Then don’t rely on supposedly cheap software solutions and machine translation. Many studies have confirmed that even the best machine cannot replace the human translator’s touch.

Marketing comes alive through language and emotions, through feelings. Machines can do a lot, but they cannot convey feelings. Not even translation machines can do this. But translators can.

If you want to be understood by your customers, partners and stakeholders, then rely on people who can provide you with appealing texts, clear information and convincing messages: the well-trained, experienced and professional translators who work with cds claudia dalberg sprachendienst.

We help you make a good impression, create trust and deeply engage your customers and partners.

Just read through our website, and if you have any further questions, please call me at +491772134466. I am happy to help you and to answer any questions you have.